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2월 혜택 모음


A Wrinkle in Time : 영화 '시간의 주름' 원작소설
소득공제 강력추천 Newbery Medal

A Wrinkle in Time : 영화 '시간의 주름' 원작소설

[ Paperback ] 바인딩 & 에디션 안내 이동
매들렌 렝글 | Square Fish | 2007년 05월 01일 | 번역서 : 시간의 주름 리뷰 총점7.1 정보 더 보기/감추기
회원리뷰(14건) | 판매지수 8,343 판매지수란?

7월 특별 할인 ~7/31

상품 가격정보
정가 8,300원
판매가 5,400 (35% 할인)
추가혜택쿠폰 및 사은품(1종)
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  • 주문금액대별 할인쿠폰
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구매 시 참고사항
구매 시 참고사항
  • 1963 Newbery Winner Book


  • 국내배송만 가능
  • 문화비소득공제 신청가능
광고 AD

A Wrinkle in Time : 영화 '시간의 주름' 원작소설


출간일 2007년 05월 01일
쪽수, 무게, 크기 224쪽 | 202g | 130*193*20mm
ISBN13 9780312367541
ISBN10 0312367546
렉사일 740L(GRADE4~7) Lexile 지수란?
KC인증 kc마크 인증유형 : 적합성확인
인증번호 :


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이 상품의 이벤트 (7개)


저자 소개 (1명)

1918년 뉴욕에서 작가인 아버지와 피아니스트인 어머니 사이에서 태어나 예술적인 분위기에서 자랐다. 『시간의 주름』으로 뉴베리 상을 수상하였으며, 미국 도서관협회가 아동 문학을 위해 많은 공헌을 한 아동 문학가에게 주는 마가렛 제이 에드워즈 상을 수상하기도 했다. 현재 뉴욕에서 살면서 소설, 동화, 희곡, 시, 수필 등 왕성하고 다양한 집필활동을 하고 있다. 1918년 뉴욕에서 작가인 아버지와 피아니스트인 어머니 사이에서 태어나 예술적인 분위기에서 자랐다. 『시간의 주름』으로 뉴베리 상을 수상하였으며, 미국 도서관협회가 아동 문학을 위해 많은 공헌을 한 아동 문학가에게 주는 마가렛 제이 에드워즈 상을 수상하기도 했다. 현재 뉴욕에서 살면서 소설, 동화, 희곡, 시, 수필 등 왕성하고 다양한 집필활동을 하고 있다.

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저자, 역자, 편집자를 위한 공간입니다. 독자들에게 전하고 싶은 말씀을 남겨주세요. 코멘트 쓰기
접수된 글은 확인을 거쳐 이 곳에 게재됩니다.
독자 분들의 리뷰는 리뷰 쓰기를, 책에 대한 문의는 1:1 문의를 이용해 주세요.

출판사 리뷰

Madeleine L'Engle is the author of more than forty-five books for all ages, among them the beloved A Wrinkle in Time, awarded the Newbery Medal; A Ring of Endless Light, a Newbery Honor Book; A Swiftly Tilting Planet, winner of the American Book Award; and the Austin family series of which Troubling a Star is the fifth book. L'Engle was named the 1998 recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards award, honoring her lifetime contribution in writing for teens.
Ms. L'Engle was born in 1918 in New York City, late in her parents' lives, an only child growing up in an adult world. Her father was a journalist who had been a foreign correspondent, and although he suffered from mustard gas poisoning in World War I, his work still took him abroad a great deal. Her mother was a musician; the house was filled with her parents' friends: artists, writers, and musicians. "Their lives were very full and they didn't really have time for a child," she says. "So I turned to writing to amuse myself."

When she was 12, Ms. L'Engle moved with her family to the French Alps in search of purer air for her father's lungs. She was sent to an English boarding school --"dreadful," she says. When she was 14, her family returned to America and she went to boarding school once again, Ashley Hall in Charleston, South Carolina--which she loved. When she was 17, her father died.

Ms. L'Engle spent the next four years at Smith College. After graduating cum laude, she and an assortment of friends moved to an apartment in Greenwich Village. "I still wanted to be a writer; I always wanted to be a writer, but Ihad to pay the bills, so I went to work in the theater," she says.

Touring as an actress seems to have been a catalyst for her. She wrote her first book, The Small Rain, while touring with Eva Le Gallienne in Uncle Harry. She met Hugh Franklin, to whom she was married until his death in 1986, while they were rehearsing The Cherry Orchard, and they were married on tour during a run of The Joyous Season, starring Ethel Barrymore.

Ms. L'Engle retired from the stage after her marriage, and the Franklins moved to northwest Connecticut and opened a general store. "The surrounding area was real dairy farmland then, and very rural. Some of the children had never seen books when they began their first year of school," she remembers. The Franklins raised three children--Josephine, Maria, and Bion. Ms. L'Engle's first book in the Austin quintet, Meet the Austins, an ALA Notable Children's Book, has strong parallels with her life in the country. But she says, "I identify with Vicky rather than with Mrs. Austin, since I share all of Vicky's insecurities, enthusiasms, and times of sadness and growth."

When, after a decade in Connecticut, the family returned to New York, Ms. L'Engle rejoiced. "In some ways, I was back in the real world." Mr. Franklin resumed acting, and became well known as Dr. Charles Tyler in the television series All My Children. Two-Part Invention is Ms. L'Engle's touching and critically acclaimed story of their long and loving marriage.

The Time quintet--A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters, and An Acceptable Time--are among her most famous books, but it took years to get a publisher to accept A Wrinkle in Time. "Every major publisher turned it down. No one knew what to do with it," she says. When Farrar, Straus & Giroux finally accepted the manuscript, she insisted that they publish it as a children's book. It was the beginning of their children's list."

Today, Ms. L'Engle lives in New York City and Connecticut, writing at home and at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, where she is variously the librarian and the writer-in-residence. "It depends from day-to-day on what they want to call me. I do keep the library collection--largely theology, philosophy, a lot of good reference books--open on a volunteer basis."

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(판형과 판수 등이 다양한 도서는 찾으시는 도서의 ISBN을 알려 주시면 보다 빠르고 정확한 안내가 가능합니다.)

해외거래처에서 품절인 경우, 2차 거래선을 통해 유럽과 미국 출판사로 직접 수입이 진행될 수 있습니다.
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  •  배송비 : 2,000원
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  •  중고상품이 구매확정(자동 구매확정은 출고완료일로부터 7일)된 경우
  •  LP상품의 재생 불량 원인이 기기의 사양 및 문제인 경우 (All-in-One 일체형 일부 보급형 오디오 모델 사용 등)
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