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K-POP/K-Drama 관련상품(음반,도서,DVD)을
영문/중문 으로 이용하실 수 있습니다.

Korean wave shopping mall, sell the
K-POP/K-Drama (CD,DVD,Blu-ray,Book) We aceept PayPal/UnionPay/Alipay
and support English/Chinese Language service


作为出售正规 K-POP/K-Drama 相关(CD,图书,DVD) 韩流商品的网站, 支持 中文/英文 等海外结账方式




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DK - Dorling Kindersley

주간베스트 | 새로 나온 책 | 회원리뷰
기본순 판매량순 신상품순 최저가순 최고가순 상품명순
  • Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded

    수입 이벤트
    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 04월
    25,190(18% 할인) 포인트적립 1,260원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    레고의 모든 것! 레고 피규어가 포함되어 있는 도서입니다. 레고 캐릭터에 대한 모든 내용이 담겨져 있습니다. 레고 백과사전이 여러분을 찾아갑니다The updated and expanded ultimate guide to the minifigures of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy. DK's expanded LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia now includes many mo...


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  • Curry

    Curry Fragrant Dishes from India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia [ Hardback ]
    | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 05월
    41,000포인트적립 410원
    21일 이내(10/20, 수) 도착예정
    New edition of this ultimate cookbook for curry-loversTake your taste buds on a global curry adventure. Invite top chefs, writers and cooks into your kitchen, from Vivek Singh (The Cinnamon Club), Das Sreedharan (Rasa Restaurants) to David Thompson (Nahm) and they'll share their secrets for authenti...
  • World War II the Definitive Visual Guide

    Richard Holmes | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 04월
    40,030(15% 할인) 포인트적립 2,010원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    The definitive visual history of the people, politics and events of the epic conflict that shaped the modern world, World War II From the build-up of hostility in the years leading up to the war, through to the reverberations still felt in the aftermath, this is a compelling, accessible and immediat...
  • Dc Comics Year by Year A Visual Chronicle

    Dc Comics Year by Year A Visual Chronicle Includes 2 Exclusive Prints [ Hardcover ]
    Matthew K. Manning, Alan Cowsill, Alex Irvine, Daniel Wallace, Mike McAvennie | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 09월
    53,630(15% 할인) 포인트적립 2,690원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    The most comprehensive chronological history of DC Comics ever publishedThe milestone events in the history of DC Comics are explored and explained as they happened, month by month, from the company's inception in 1934 as National Allied Publications to the present day, including the first appearanc...
  • Tractor Book

    Tractor Book [ Hardback ]
    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 04월
    27,200(20% 할인) 포인트적립 1,360원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    The definitive visual history of the tractorThe complete history of farm machinery, from steam and vintage tractors to the latest combine harvesters is showcased in this lavishly illustrated volume.Packed with images and tractor data on more than 200 iconic machines, The Tractor Book explores the en...
  • No Time to Cook Book

    No Time to Cook Book [ Hardback ]
    Laura Herring | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 04월
    25,600(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    No time? No excuses! The No Time to Cook Book contains over 100 quick and easy recipes you can cook in 20 minutes or less, from DIY sushi and stir-fry's in no time to Vietnamese feasts.There's no longer such a thing as having 'no time to cook' as DK comes to the rescue with this innovative recipe bo...


    리스트에 넣기
  • Science but Not as We Know it

    Science but Not as We Know it Cutting-Edge Concepts Made Simple [ Hardcover ]
    Ben Gilliland | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 03월
    13,600(20% 할인) 포인트적립 680원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    Cutting-edge concepts made simple - it's not rocket science The media reports on the latest scientific discoveries and breakthroughs can seem like a foreign language, from black holes to dark matter, and exoplanets to leap seconds. Finally get to grips with these difficult concepts by reading Ben Gi...
  • Biodynamic Gardening

    Biodynamic Gardening [ Hardback ]
    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 03월
    26,400(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    Get tastier produce from your garden with this fresh approach to growing veg, fruit and ornamental plants. Home-grown food is now a reality for many, eco-conscious gardeners everywhere should be keen to explore methods that increase yield and harvest edible crops with a depth of flavour rarely match...


    리스트에 넣기
  • Masterchef Cookbook

    Masterchef Cookbook [ Paperback ]
    | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 02월
    22,860(15% 할인) 포인트적립 1,150원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    Get into your kitchen and cook up the best from BBC's MasterChefIf you are a MasterChef fan and have an appetite for cooking, you'll want to get your hands on some of the best recipes from the series. Find over 250 of them, covering mouth-watering starters, mains and fabulous desserts - all of which...
  • Grains as Mains

    Grains as Mains [ Hardback ]
    Laura Agar Wilson, Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 03월
    26,350(15% 할인) 포인트적립 1,320원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    Modern recipes, ancient grainsGrains as Mains satisfies your appetite for tasty, versatile and healthy grains, with over 150 fresh and exciting recipes, many of which are gluten-free.Ancient grains such as teff, quinoa and buckwheat, first cooked thousands of years ago, are now very much back on the...
  • Shakespeare Book

    Shakespeare Book [ Hardback ]
    | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 03월
    26,430(15% 할인) 포인트적립 1,330원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    The Shakespeare Book is the perfect primer to the works of William Shakespeare, packed with witty illustrations and inspirational quotes.Covering every work, from the comedies of Twelfth Night and As You Like It to the tragedies of Julius Caesar and Hamlet, plus lost plays and less well-known works ...
  • How Business Works

    How Business Works [ Hardback ]
    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 03월
    28,550(18% 할인) 포인트적립 1,430원
    8일 이내(10/1, 금) 도착예정
    Defines and explains the key concepts behind business, finance and company management.With the right knowledge, business does not have to be difficult. Do you know the difference between profit margin, gross profit and net profit? What is cash flow or a limited company? How Business Works answers hu...
  • Disney Infinity Character Encyclopedia

    Disney | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 02월
    14,250(25% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    The ultimate guide to the world of Disney Infinity.Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia features your favourite Infinity characters from Disney's exciting new video game! Join Woody, Captain Jack Sparrow, Lightning McQueen, Hiro and Baymax and more Disney characters as they interact in the wonder...


    리스트에 넣기
  • How to Style Your Perfect Wedding

    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2015년 02월
    26,400(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    Inspiration for you to create your perfect dayIt's the magical, personalised details that make your wedding wonderfully special for you and your guests. Whether you are looking for wedding themes, ideas for planning a bridal shower or even hoping to hand-craft all the little details for your big day...
  • Tomb Raider the Ten Thousand Immortals

    Dan Abnett | Brady Games | 2014년 10월
    13,680(15% 할인) 포인트적립 690원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    Haunted by what she was forced to do in order to survive her first adventure, Lara Croft wants only to put her horrifying ordeal on Yamatai island in the past. Her modest wish shatters as she's plunged into a frantic race to save her best friend Sam from a toxic overdose. Desperate for a remedy, Lar...


    리스트에 넣기
  • James Bond Encyclopedia

    | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 09월
    39,180(15% 할인) 포인트적립 1,960원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    21 Bond movies, 6 suave 007s, 24 evil baddies, 78 sexy girls, 112 Cool gadgets in one killer book.This book offers an explosive read exploring every aspect of the 007 story created in full collaboration with Eon Productions. From Bond's history to his style and personal tastes, get up close and pers...
  • LEGO® Star Wars The Dark Side

    LEGO® Star Wars The Dark Side [ Hardback, 레고 미니 피규어 1개 포함 ]
    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 09월
    18,200(30% 할인) 포인트적립 190원
    회원리뷰(1건) 리뷰 총점10.0 정보 더 보기/감추기
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    This title helps you discover everything there is to know about the dark side of the Force with Lego Star Wars. Step into the Lego Star Wars galaxy and discover everything there is to know about the dark side of the Force. The book comes with a new and exclusive Lego Star Wars minifigure that you wo...


    리스트에 넣기
  • History of the World in 1000 objects

    Dorling Kindersley | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 10월
    39,950(15% 할인) 포인트적립 2,000원
    3일 이내(9/25, 토) 도착예정
    History of the World in 1000 Objects takes a fresh look at world history, viewing cultures and early civilizations through the objects that they created.Humanity is defined by our talent for making things from everyday objects to inventions that changed the world. From a Viking wooden comb to a 1950...
  • Train Book

    Train Book The Definitive Visual History [ Hardback ]
    | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 10월
    34,000(20% 할인) 포인트적립 1,700원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    Offers a definitive visual history and glorious celebration of all things train and track. The Train Book traces the history and role of trains from the first steam engines to diesel engines and then to today's high-speed bullet trains. You'll take a journey through the most important trains of each...


    리스트에 넣기
  • The Photography

    The Photography The Definitive Visual History [ Hardback ]
    Tom Ang | Dorling Kindersley | 2014년 10월
    50,430(18% 할인) 포인트적립 2,530원
    8일 이내(10/1, 금) 도착예정
    Photography is a beautiful lavishly illustrated reference book tracing the history of photography from its origins in the 1800s to the global phenomenon of digital photography.Photography celebrates the most iconic photos and profiles 50 of the most famous photographers of the past 200 years, with s...
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