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K-POP/K-Drama 관련상품(음반,도서,DVD)을
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Korean wave shopping mall, sell the
K-POP/K-Drama (CD,DVD,Blu-ray,Book) We aceept PayPal/UnionPay/Alipay
and support English/Chinese Language service


作为出售正规 K-POP/K-Drama 相关(CD,图书,DVD) 韩流商品的网站, 支持 中文/英文 等海外结账方式




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주간베스트 | 새로 나온 책 | 회원리뷰
기본순 판매량순 신상품순 최저가순 최고가순 상품명순
  • Fashionpedia 패션피디아 : 패션 디자인 비주얼 백과

    Fashionpedia 패션피디아 : 패션 디자인 비주얼 백과 The Visual Dictionary of Fashion Design [ Hardcover ]
    Fashionary | Fashionary International Limited | 2016년 01월
    53,280(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    FASHIONPEDIA is a visual fashion dictionary covering all the technical terms from style to material to production with illustrations and infographics. It encompasses rich, extensive information and yet is so easy to read. Whether you’re an industry insider or a fashion connoisseur, FASHIONPEDIA is ...
  • In Paris

    In Paris 20 Women on Life in the City of Light : 파리에서 : 빛의 도시에 사는 스무 여성의 이야기 [ Hardback ]
    Lauren Bastide | Viking Press | 2018년 09월
    21,400(30% 할인) 포인트적립 220원
    회원리뷰(2건) 리뷰 총점10.0 정보 더 보기/감추기
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    A window on the world's most stylish city, with profiles of 20 diverse and inspiring Parisian women accompanied by gorgeous full-colour photographs by model and fashion designer Jeanne Damas, and Lauren Bastide, former editor-in-chief of French Elle."We've always been crazy in love with this city. ....
  • Draping

    Draping Art & Craftsmanship in Fashion Design [ Paperback ]
    Annette Duburg, De Jonge Hond | Basheer | 2011년 01월
    48,000(20% 할인) 포인트적립 2,400원
    출고 예상일 : 4일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
    This book is an manual that opens up an area that functions as an interesting, supplementary design niche within today's fashion design. Collected by two Dutch experts in this craftsmanship: Annette Duburg and Rixt van der Tol. It includes the historical context of draping, contemporary examples by ...
  • Maison Martin Margiela

    Maison Martin Margiela [ Hardcover ]
    Margiela, Maison Martin / Gaultier, Jean Paul (CON) / Zahm, Olivier (CON) / Putman, Andree (CON) | Rizzoli | 2009년 10월
    121,550(15% 할인) 포인트적립 6,080원
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    Graduating from Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the 1980s, Martin Margiela (and his contemporaries in the Antwerp Six) transformed global fashion with his aggressive restatement of traditional fashion design and a polemical approach to luxury trends. Working first with the house of Gaultier...
  • Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Collections

    Chanel Catwalk: The Complete Collections The Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collection : 샤넬 캣워크 : 칼 라거펠트 컬렉션 [ Hardcover ]
    Patrick Mauries,Adelia Sabatini | Thames & Hudson | 2020년 10월
    79,200(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    The best-selling Chanel Catwalk was the first book to gather every Chanel collection ever created by Karl Lagerfeld in a single volume. Now fully updated to include Lagerfeld’s final collections for the house and those of his right-hand and successor, Virginie Viard, this revised edition includes t...
  • Virgil Abloh

    Virgil Abloh Figures of Speech Special Edition [ Hardcover, Special EDT ]
    Michael Darling (EDT) | Prestel Publishing | 2019년 10월
    175,950(15% 할인) 포인트적립 8,800원
    출고 예상일 : 3일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
    One of The New York Times Best Entertaiment Gifts of 2019New York Magazine's Most Giftable Coffee-Table Books of 2019Chicago Tribune's Best Gift Books of 2019From street fashion to high culture, the work of Virgil Abloh, a celebrated multihyphenate artist, is showcased in this book.For Abloh, the mu...
  • Margiela

    Margiela The Hermes Years [ Hardcover ]
    Debo, Kaat / Mower, Sarah / Arnold, Rebecca / Wierink, Vincent / Menkes, Suzy | Lanoo Books | 2018년 12월
    76,500(15% 할인) 포인트적립 3,830원
    출고 예상일 : 3일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
  • Abloh-Isms

    Abloh-Isms [ Hardcover ]
    Abloh, Virgil / Warsh, Larry | Princeton University Press | 2021년 03월
    17,160(18% 할인) 포인트적립 860원
    출고 예상일 : 8일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
  • Little Book of Prada

    Little Book of Prada [ Hardcover, 영국판 ]
    Laia Farran Graves | Welbeck Publishing Group | 2020년 09월
    22,100포인트적립 450원
    출고 예상일 : 8일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
    Little Book of Prada is the pocket-sized and beautifully illustrated story of the legendary fashion house.Understated elegance and luxury, technologically advanced fabrics and sublime originality of design are all hallmarks of the House of Prada. In this miniature monograph, Laia Farran Graves docum...
  • Basic Art Series. Ten in One. Impressionism

    TASCHEN | Taschen | 2020년 02월
    49,500(10% 할인) 포인트적립 1,490원
    출고 예상일 : 3일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
    "These seductive books have slick production values, excellent illustrations, and smart texts. Each one is a fast-food, high-energy fix on the topic at hand." - The New York Times Book Review With blockbuster exhibitions, record-breaking auction prices, and packed museums, Impressionism remains clos...
  • Vogue on Location

    Vogue on Location People, Places, Portraits [ Hardcover ]
    American Vogue (COR) | Harry N Abrams Inc | 2019년 10월
    68,880(18% 할인) 포인트적립 3,450원
    출고 예상일 : 8일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
  • The Enchanted Tiara

    The Enchanted Tiara [ Hardcover, Pop-Up ]
    Druvert, Hel?ne (ILT) | Rizzoli Intl Pubns | 2018년 10월
    31,450(15% 할인) 포인트적립 1,580원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    The luxury French jeweler Chaumet offers an ode to the everlasting bond between a mother and daughter in this spellbinding carousel book.Celebrating the special relationship between a mother and daughter, this playful carousel pop-up presents a captivating modern fable for readers of all ages. This ...


    리스트에 넣기
  • Chanel : The Karl Lagerfeld Campaign

    Chanel : The Karl Lagerfeld Campaign 샤넬 : 칼 라거펠트 캠페인 [ Paperback ]
    Patrick Mauries | Thames & Hudson | 2018년 09월
    79,200(20% 할인) 포인트적립 3,960원
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    When Karl Lagerfeld was named at the helm of the fashion house in 1983, he set out to radically shake up and update its image - not only through bold collections but also, from 1987 onwards, by choosing to shoot the house’s campaigns himself, a move that was unprecedented for a fashion designer.
  • Fashionary Bag Design 패셔너리 가방 디자인

    Fashionary Bag Design 패셔너리 가방 디자인 A Handbook for Accessories Designers [ Hardcover ]
    Fashionary | Fashionary International Limited | 2016년 12월
    44,370(15% 할인) 포인트적립 2,220원
    회원리뷰(1건) 리뷰 총점6.0 정보 더 보기/감추기
    도착 예상일 : 지금 주문하면 오늘 받을 수 있습니다.
    The Fashionary Bag Design is a complete handbook focusing on the practical needs of bag and accessories designers. It provides an insightful and inspirational foundation about bags and their key fundamentals to those in the fashion industry.
  • Givaudan

    Givaudan An Odyssey of Flavors and Fragrances [ Hardcover ]
    Champion, Caroline / Le Guerer, Annick / Proust, Brigitte / Rose, Sean / Kemp, Percy | Harry N Abrams | 2016년 03월
    79,200(20% 할인) 포인트적립 0원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기
    For 250 years, Givaudan has created perfumes and flavors of the highest quality, innovating and inspiring trends in scent and taste. Dior, Saint Laurent, and Prada turned to Givaudan to create J adore, Opium, Infusion d iris, and more. Here, scientists, philosophers, and historians explore the histo...


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  • Fashionable Selby

    Fashionable Selby [ Hardcover ]
    Selby, Todd / Doonan, Simon (FRW) | Abrams | 2014년 03월
    49,000포인트적립 490원
    출고 예상일 : 21일 이내 출고예상일과 상품수령 안내
    The next installment in the bestselling “Selby” series, Fashionable Selby explores the kaleidoscopic world of fashion, featuring profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, haberdashers, models, shoemakers, and more. The subjects include a mix of the avant-garde, the traditional, th...
  • Street Style

    Street Style [ Paperback ]
    Ted Polhemus | Central Books | 2010년 09월
    39,150포인트적립 400원


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  • We Can be Heroes

    We Can be Heroes [ Paperback ]
    Graham Smith | 2098년 01월
    32,160(18% 할인) 포인트적립 1,610원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기


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  • Textiles on Film

    Textiles on Film [ Hardcover ]
    Peterson, Becky | Bloomsbury Visual Arts | 2022년 05월
    144,900(10% 할인) 포인트적립 7,250원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기


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  • Fashionscapes: On Histories, Materialities and Aesthetic Practices in the Afropolis

    Pinther, Kerstin / Wilson, Elizabeth / Ndjio, Basile | Bloomsbury Visual Arts | 2022년 03월
    144,900(10% 할인) 포인트적립 7,250원
    상품 판매가 시작되면 알려드립니다. 판매시작 알림 서비스란? 신청하기


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